Only Me?!

I have just noticed that I am the only person following myself!  I didn’t know that was possible.  Rather like a snake eating its own tail or that weird picture (by Magritte?) of two hands.

Anyway, poking around on the site – which I had imagined I had down pat at this stage – I discovered that I had one follower and that was me, myself and I!

So, ready to plunge into the cyber abyss, I clicked on Sharing and then connected this whatyamacallit to Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

No idea what is going to happen now.

I feel a bit daft having posted a few snippets about Celtic Trivia, and other Book Stuff and now discovering that I might as well have been posting them into a hole in a tree in the local park.

Might get a better result doing that, actually!

Author: serkeen

I am Irish, currently living in West Australia. I have a degree in Old & Middle English, Lang & Lit and, despite having worked in Kuwait, Italy, Malaysia, USA, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong over the last 40 years, I have a strong interest in Ireland’s ancient pre-history and the heroes of its Celtic past as recorded in the 12th and late 14th century collection of manuscripts, collectively known as The Ulster Cycle. I enjoy writing historical novels, firmly grounded in a well-researched background, providing a fresh and exciting look into times long gone. I have an empathy with the historical period and I draw upon my experiences of that area and the original documents. I hope, by providing enough historical “realia” to hook you into a hitherto unknown – or barely glimpsed - historical period.

One thought on “Only Me?!”

  1. Me your first follower . A small time Author of Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara . Grab from for 9.99 $ . Don’t tell me now that you have no follower 🙂


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