I started off, way back now in March, swearing to get on top of all this cyber stuff – social media communication –  and I launched myself bravely into Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and WordPress as well as continuing to write and market my first book, Raiding Cúailnge, start research for my second book – tentatively titled “Three Spears” and actually live a normal life with all that entails – getting up in the morning, feeding the chickens, pottering around in the garden, going for a short cycle, endlessly devising the shortest and flattest routes between home and other points and all the other humdrum aspects of daily life.

And I’m stuffed.

I’ve just about managed to continue WordPress and my three blogs – Celtic Trivia, Book Stuff and Curves-  and start scribbling notes for Three Spears but I am afraid everything else has gone by the board. I just don’t seem to have the time to do them all and certainly I can’t remember the last time I bothered to look at Twitter or LinkedIn.

As for Facebook …

I remember a knowledgeable guru told me that I should narrow my focus and concentrate on just one aspect of social media.  “Make it yours” he told me sternly and he opined that I should focus on Facebook.

Well, of course I didn’t and I suppose it is too late now given that I seem to have poured my energy into WordPress. I think it is the fact that WordPress remains a bit similar to the hole in a tree down in the local park (which I cycle past). I post stuff here and I feel it is the same as if I stuff it into a hole in the tree and I have no idea if anyone ever reads it or bothers to look at it but for some obscure reason, I enjoy shoving a nugget into the bole of the tree and leaving it there for someone to discover – posthumously!

Whereas with Facebook, I feel constrained in some way I haven’t fully analysed as yet. I think it all comes down to that vague, unidentifiable fear I mentioned ages ago – hmm, on Facebook or on Word Press? I am sure it is just a question of tightening up a nut here and a screw there and making a few fine adjustments to the way I present my Facebook page but at the moment – although I haven’t checked for weeks – I feel inundated with Facebook things – are they posts, tweets, messages, mails? – with the whole world constantly updating their whatever it is and uploading new photos of themselves – I can tell because I get a constant barrage of beeps and whistles from my mobile phone telling me that I “can’t be a man ‘cos (I) don’t smoke the same cigarettes as (you)” – thank you Nanker Phelge.

Anyway, the point is that while I struggle to continue with the triad of blogs on WordPress as well as continuing to work on Three Spears, I just don’t seem to have the time to mess around on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+ and I have yet to make a hash of Tumblr, Instagram and Gawd knows what else I can ignore!

Author: serkeen

I am Irish, currently living in West Australia. I have a degree in Old & Middle English, Lang & Lit and, despite having worked in Kuwait, Italy, Malaysia, USA, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong over the last 40 years, I have a strong interest in Ireland’s ancient pre-history and the heroes of its Celtic past as recorded in the 12th and late 14th century collection of manuscripts, collectively known as The Ulster Cycle. I enjoy writing historical novels, firmly grounded in a well-researched background, providing a fresh and exciting look into times long gone. I have an empathy with the historical period and I draw upon my experiences of that area and the original documents. I hope, by providing enough historical “realia” to hook you into a hitherto unknown – or barely glimpsed - historical period.

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