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It is amazing how little separates us nowadays from our pre-history. Who knows exactly how long ago the Bronze Age was and how different was it from the Stone Age? The Paleolithic diet is popular now but was there also a Neolithic? And were they really cavemen (and women) then? What separates one Age from another?

In theory, just 30 people, each having lived to their respective biblical span of three score and ten years, could pass on stored knowledge which could date back more than 2000 years. Another 30 people would bring us back to the dawn of the Bronze Age in Ireland circa 2000 – 1500 BCE

So, why am I writing a blog now, what and for why, as mentioned in some song*?  Well a couple of reasons actually – first off as noted somewhere, I have published a novel about Iron Age Celtic Ireland – whoopee – I hear you all say and I’d like to publicise my book and to share some of the research I did for the novel.  Originally Raiding Cooley Covercalled Raiding Cúailnge, I later changed the name to Raiding Cooley.

But another reason, the real one or not, I don’t know, is that I am a bit embarrassed at my ineptness at social media.

I remember as a child when we first got a TV, way back in the mid sixties, whenever wavy lines appeared on the screen for whatever reason, I would reach behind the huge box of the set to adjust the buttons at the back. My mother would shrink back in apparent fear and beg me not to touch anything “back there” until she could get “a man in” to repair it! Later, trying to explain something like programming a VCR became out of the question. These things did not exist in my parents’ frame of reference. I assumed that I would never be like that and so, at first, I seemed to excel at all the new technologies.

I was working in a small S. E. Asian country where copyright laws were unheard of and I still remember the excitement of my first computer, manually loading an operating system on fragile floppy discs into two drives in order to get the machine to boot up. From there on, I had the pick of software and continually upgraded computer, processor and screen so much so that by the time I arrived in Perth, West Australia in 1992, I considered myself to be pretty much cutting edge with computers. The problem is that is where I have remained.

I remember sometime, I assume after Facebook had started, someone contacted me and asked me to be a “friend”! I rebuffed the offer and sneered at the very concept of being on, what I spuriously claimed, was a C.I.A. front for keeping tabs on John Citizen.

Anyway, now I come to the really embarrassing bit.

Now I need to use – learn – and have a presence on-line in social media communications if I don’t want to end up like my mother, afraid and baffled by new technology – even though this is not especially new technology anymore.  Besides, I don’t want my book to disappear into the black hole of cyber space.

The thought of entering this new, for me, semi-invisible cyber world, for some reason, terrifies me and I remember the look of fear on my mother’s face and I think, I can’t be like that. There is nothing to fear. Instead, I hope, it’s going to be a bit like, perhaps, the lady who decided to cook one of Julia Child’s recipe’s every day for a year and to blog about it.  An on-going learning experience, or something like that?

So this is going to be about Curves with me learning new things and using Social Media communications.

Next, I thought I’d share some of the Iron Age Celtic Skills and Technology I unearthed during the ten or twelve years (God, has it been that long?) that I spent researching and scribbling for my book, Raiding Cúailnge / Cooley.

And then of course there is my book Raiding Cúailnge / Cooley and my own love of Books and Stuff about books I enjoyed.

So, that’s it, three main reasons, I suppose – to learn, to share and to publicise.

My criteria for learning? When I am able to set up and design my interface pages here on this blog at Word Press and when I can devote time and energy to update the pages at least several days out of every week.

To Publicise – I suppose if my book or forthcoming titles ever actually sell

To Share – if anyone out there responds and says wow, I didn’t know that about the Celts, or yeah, my chickens do the same thing too or something like that.

So I want to have a few separate categories – one for Curves as I learn to overcome my fear of social media engagement and learn more about gardening, chickens, travel, wine, friends, family and food.  I’ll use a photo of a curving shoreline to signify that.


For Book Stuff, including Raiding Cúailnge / Cooley, and other books I am reading, have read or want to read, a pre-set image of a bookshelfcropped-bookcase.jpg




Iron Age Celtic Technology will have a portal tomb photo.


The newest area is the rather pretentious titled Peregrinations, which is going to have bits and pieces about here and there! A massive riverboat will represent those journeys.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

So, what the hell, here goes, this year, starting March 2016, I am going to build an author platform

Ok, so let’s start.


Thought I’d add another spoke to the wheel, as it were, with the addition of Tastes, an eclectic – when would it be anything else, you might ask – collection of recipes, favourite foods, meals, snippets of (dubious) interest, that sort of thing.  Anyway, Tastes will have its own possibly pretentious graphicimg_0046.





And the very latest category – the ultimate?  – will have a musical theme based on my current remaining selection of CD’s. (Much more than shown). Chords will be a look for common and shared themes, links, favouring whoever I pluck out of the cabinet. But I must confess I have actually bought four new CDs for the first time in …. well, ages. Who knows, maybe I will add to the selection.IMG_4071

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  1. New layout looking good Stephen! Missing a ‘t’ on ‘though’ to make it ‘thought’ at the start of paragraph 10…just to be pedantic fellow blogger!


  2. Hey Stef Didn’t know that comment had come from you – thanks for mentioning the type. I’l get on to that in a moment when I finish this pst about Parthia – where you probably are now! >


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