Two Hands

Ok, I was wrong the other day – I mentioned something about two hands and speculated that it might have been a weird drawing by  René Magritte.

I just checked – it wasn’t.  This is what I was thinking of at the time – and this is by a Dutch artist called Maurits Cornelis Escher


This is something that I have always liked by Magritte (the Lovers) – a bit different, I know.rene-magritte-les-amants-1928-49301988

Okay, I hear you – what has all this to do with Learning Curves?

Well, … emm… ehhhh, ok, I had to go and look for these pictures somewhere and then I couldn’t just click and copy or drag them from wherever they were into my blog – I had to do other stuff first.  Ok, I know, not a huge deal at all but – well, for me, I did it so there you are and … never mind.