A follow -up to “A Rod for my Own Back”

cropped-bookcase.jpgI think I mentioned some time before that I really needed to be goaded, cajoled and pushed into doing things because my natural indolence often pre-empts unilateral action on my part.

Anyway, even though I was slaving away on my book –Raiding Cúailnge – for years, I had neither a title not any real idea of getting it published. And then a friend of mine – we had been friends since we were seven years old when I broke my collar bone sliding in my school socks down his linoleum covered hallway – contacted me from Nantes, where he had been living for the last twenty years or so, to announce, out of the blue, that his book was being published. It was like a bucket of icy water thrown in my face. The cheek of him – to write – and publish a book before I had gotten around to doing one. Anyway, the immediate result was that it galvanised me into action and within a short space of time – well, probably two years, I had chosen a title and finished off my rambling novel based on old Irish manuscripts about Ireland’s legendary hereo, Cú Chulainn.

Anyway, Michael – although for some reason I always refer to him as Mick – asked me to write a review of it on Amazon and I scribbled something like “if your friends are loud and boozy, this is the book to give them if you like a mix of Pink Panther style crime and mystery” or something like that.

So, his book – initially a real paper and cover book but now also available as an E-Book – is called The Full Stop Artist by Michael O’Reilly Kennedy and is available on Amazon.

A different style to mine I’d have to admit – I’m more of the plodding historical kind while if you were a fly on the wall during one of the weird dinner parties with which The Full Stop Artist is punctuated, then you would end up as a drunken – and probably – squashed smear.