A Major Revamp?



Recently, I felt I was sliding backwards in terms of my earlier avowed promise to get to terms with Social Media Communications (mostly WordPress, I have to admit as I have done absolutely nothing about FaceBook for ages) and I have to say that sometimes, I feel I now know less than when I started this a few months ago – things change, getting added to and taken away all the time so that I never seem able to either find the time, or have the ability, to stay abreast.

Anyway, sitting at the open window the other day, enjoying the mild weather, I decided to put myself to the test and do a major revamp of my WordPress thing and see what I can come up with. Thanks to a little bit of help from Nigel – thanks, mate – I think I’ve got things worked out now, to a certain extent.

I have my three categories – Celtic Trivia, illustrated with a court tomb photo, Curves, illustrated with a Curving beach shot photo and Book Stuff illustrated with a photo of one of my bookcases – and each time I post, the post should go into the appropriate category. Here’s hoping anyway.



I know, I know, this has nothing to do with parenthood.  This is all about errant posts and categories and the hierarchy within them – hence the notion of parents and aberrant children and my dismal attempts to herd posts from one category into another.

A note on Irish Kingdoms that should have been catalogued (by who?) under the overall heading of, for example, Celtic Trivia somehow ends up under Book News while a post like Celtic Weapons ends up in the Curves folder.

I’m more used to filing , i.e. keeping similar documents in one folder and I suppose I was expecting wordpress to be the same, or at least that it would be relatively easy to assign any post, no matter how grossly mis-categorised, to its proper and intended location.

Not so, it seems, despite the fact that, even with help from a friend, it still took us half the morning to figure it out.

Anyway, so now shoot me if any of my childlike posts end up in the wrong parent category!