A Change of Title!


As you all probably know, I started this blog thingy way back in March of this year as a way to promote my novel, Raiding Cúailnge, set in Iron Age Celtic Ireland.  Anyway, the book was published in April and a few people contacted me about the voRaiding Cooley Covercabulary and the difficulty of pronouncing some of the words, especially the title, Cúailnge, which is the Irish for the Cooley district in North East Ireland where part of the story takes place.

Anyway, I listened – thanks Shaybo and others – and I have decided to change the title of the book to Raiding Cooley so here goes – a sneak preview!

Of course, I made a few other small changes, correcting the inevitable typos that somehow managed to sneak in, as well as updating my contact details at the end of the book.

So, if you haven’t got a copy yet, you can do so now at Amazon, Kobo, Sony, Apple iBooks and all other good E-book retailers.

Oh, almost forgot, I have dusted off and updated my interview at Smashwords where you can also purchase a copy of my book along with thousands of others.

Smashwords boasts they have published 418,228 books, of which  65,818 are Free (mine isn’t any longer, though!)

Here’s where you can find the interview.  Comments or suggestions?  I’d love to hear from you.  Thanks.