Peregrinations – Intro

At a dead loss writing creatively for the sequel of Raiding Cooley. Weather and acts of nature have stopped me from working in the garden so I have buckets of time, you’d think, to write my new best seller. However, although I have lot of projects – both for the garden and for writing – I am doing neither and here, instead, is a step to the side. Allow me to introduce  Perergrinations, a new page to Red Branch Chronicles  to join Celtic Trivia, Curves and Book Stuff.

Travel descriptions, recounts, stories, ramblings – no specific chronology but broken up into different geographic categories like Asia, Middle East, Europe, North and South America, Australia .

I’ll stick in photos and pics whenever I come across something suitable. Ok, Look out for the first post.



I feel I have slowed down and gone into a form of hibernation, as it were. That’s not quite true though. I have loads of plans – for the garden anyway – but not so much in the writing area and while I have started on a few garden projects recently, I’ve put off finishing anything – it’s too cold, or wet or stormy and such excuses.

Mind you, it has been the coldest start to Spring in something like forty-five years, apparently. Windy too – a tree in the back garden was uprooted, taking out a whole stretch of fence with it. My chooks are now truly free-range!

Anyway, this hibernation might be a metaphor for my (lack of) writing. Just as I have a score of undone things to do in the garden, I also shirk from the idea of writing a sequel to Raiding Cooley or even a different type of novel, and have also started to neglect my website and blog. As for Social Media – FaceBook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, – I have completely reneged on all my intentions of getting to grips with it!

So, I need a new Curve! Summer is approaching here and – in lieu of physical travel which I am planning for next year – I am adding a new category to go with Celtic Trivia, Curves and Book Stuff. So, welcome to Travel Section with stories, comments and recounts of peregrinations worldwide.