A New Curve?

When I started this blog back in March 2016, I was doing so for three main reasons – firstly to promote and advertise my first ever novel – Raiding Cúailnge – and to have fairly regular posts on Book Stuff in a general fashion. Next was going to be a section on Celtic Trivia where I would share some of the research I had done for my Raiding Cúailnge and finally a third string to the bow would be to track my Learning Curves in this – for me -new world of social media communication.

I seem to have managed, more or less in maintaining the Celtic Trivia section and I have added a few short stories to the Book Stuff section but it seems like my Learning Curves has petered out a bit so here I am again, trying to bolster not only it but also the main reason why I started this blog – my book, Raiding Cúailnge.

So, I am going to embed / upload an audio recording of me reading a chapter from the novel, which is set in an Iron Age Celtic society in Ireland and is based on the epic The Cattle Raid of Cooley,

OOOPS – major hiccup here.  Just tried to upload an audio recording of a chapter from Raiding Cúailnge only to find I need to upgrade my blog before i can do so.  Hmmm.

So, if you are new to my blog, feel free to start here or go back to the beginning and flit through the various posts I have made on all three main categories.

For some reason, as yet unclear, the individual posts I write don’t seem to go automatically into their respective categories, so I suppose I should reserve a future post for Curves in an attempt to find out what I am doing wrong and to correct it in future posts.

Author: serkeen

I am Irish, currently living in West Australia. I have a degree in Old & Middle English, Lang & Lit and, despite having worked in Kuwait, Italy, Malaysia, USA, Brunei, Australia and Hong Kong over the last 40 years, I have a strong interest in Ireland’s ancient pre-history and the heroes of its Celtic past as recorded in the 12th and late 14th century collection of manuscripts, collectively known as The Ulster Cycle. I enjoy writing historical novels, firmly grounded in a well-researched background, providing a fresh and exciting look into times long gone. I have an empathy with the historical period and I draw upon my experiences of that area and the original documents. I hope, by providing enough historical “realia” to hook you into a hitherto unknown – or barely glimpsed - historical period.

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